07 February 2007

Living well

Living well is the best revenge.

That aphorism crossed my mind a few minutes ago, as if an antidote to my preoccupations of late, but then I thought to myself, If that's true, I'm not doing a very good job of it at the moment.

Write. That's what I always recommend to exorcise troubling thoughts, and yet I gave myself permission not to write. There was no real ending, sort of the difference between not talking to someone anymore and telling them you're not going to talk to them anymore. The former feels unresolved, and I don't think any amount of writing will change that.

Back to Living well. It suggests throwing myself into some pursuit, but if I don't really care, then it's nothing more than distraction and that seems like a waste of effort to me. Ah, the problem is that the revenge only "works" if the living well meets someone else's standard. If their opinion doesn't matter to you, then you don't really care about revenge anyway.

I don't mean to say that revenge is my goal or even my preoccupation; the sentiment of Living well is the best revenge just feels like one step away from being over it. And I'm further away than that.

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  1. I understand completely. Maybe each day is just one step closer? I hope so. Toting all this anger baggage is making me tired.

  2. I know what you mean. I am feeling a bit better today though, and I've been writing a bit. We'll see if anything comes of it.

  3. Maybe living well--by your standards, not theirs--is good revenge because it necessitates being over it. Or, you know, as over it as anyone can be.

  4. Something like that, Cheryl. :)