24 February 2007

Better storm aesthetics

Last week's Valentine's Day blizzard was so windy that the snow never stuck to the trees. By comparison, this Thursday's snowstorm was tame and pleasing to watch. Looking out the windows Friday, I was inspired to do something I hadn't in over a year and a half: take out my camera and shoot.

Sure, I've taken some stray photos and digital shots with other people's cameras, but a cursory search indicates that I haven't shot a roll of film in my own camera since April 2005. That feels crazy to me, but I know I wasn't feeling it. Friday I was, so I got my gear together, bundled up, and went out.

A breezy 20 degrees is mad cold for working without gloves. Fingerless gloves next time. To negate any shivering, I kept my shutter speed fast, so hopefully that worked out. I also borrowed my dad's point and shoot to take some digital shots.

The sun broke through for a few brief moments, but it seems I took those shots on film. It almost surprises me that I blew through an entire 36 exposure roll and even more digital shots in under 20 minutes. Almost.

sculpture in winter

snow-covered chairs

snowy evergreens

snowy branch
And after much melting today,
Icicle Window

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  1. What that girl above me said.

    It was in the 70s here all weekend. We just don't get no snow.

  2. Thanks, ladies. :)

    And Melissa, you're killing me. 70s is my favorite weather, but I'm stoked these days if the temp's over 36.