20 September 2006

33 Things

Maybe I'll work up to a hundred eventually...

1. I cross my sevens and z's.
2. It's a by-product of studying math in college.
3. The semester I didn't take math was fairly relaxing because of it.
4. But it meant I had to take 3 math classes my last semester to finish my double-major.
5. I have a strong sense of level.
6. I've driven across the US, coast to coast, 4 times.
7. 3 times by myself which I really enjoyed.
8. Fall is my favorite season.
9. I am a pre-school dropout.
10. My high school graduation speech was based on a quote from David Lynch's Dune.
11. I hate signing new credit cards.
12. Because I feel like in that moment, instead of making a definitive signature, I'll end up with an aberrant one that will cause me nothing but future trouble in stores.
13. I suck at folding fitted sheets. Seriously, who thought elastic all the way around was a good idea?
14. The first song I ever sang for karaoke was "Son of a Preacher Man" (Dusty Springfield).
15. It was kind of dreadful because I didn't know it well enough and parts of it were out of my range.
16. My preferred karaoke song at present is: "Spinning Wheel" by Blood, Sweat, & Tears.
17. Occasionally, I feel claustrophobic.
18. One of the worst places I experienced it was in a parking garage in downtown LA.
19. Hi-C wild berry was my favorite juice in high school and college.
20. I thought it tasted better from the can than from the plastic packaging they switched to.
21. I don't like the taste of most alcoholic drinks.
22. Sometimes I think my life would be better if I did.
23. Not for the buzz aspect but rather the social/networking one.
24. I don't like coffee either, so I'm batting zero in the realm of social beverages.
25. I had a Billie Jean King moment when I beat Sean for the title of middle school tennis champion when I was in the 7th grade.
26. It was sweet though I do recognize that it helped that that was the year most of us first learned to play.
27. I'm better at encouraging others and having complete faith in their talents, abilities, and potential to succeed rather than in my own; but I'm working on that.
28. I really missed rain and thunderstorms when I lived in CA.
29. Seeing a blue sky with puffy white clouds nearly always makes me feel better.
30. My touch typing isn't perfect, but I sure am glad I can do it.
31. If I had to answer to James Lipton, I'd tell him my least favorite word is inconsolable.
32. Some days though, it's estimate.
33. Seeing a bear in my backyard has to rate as my coolest animal sighting outside of a zoo.

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  1. Cool, I'm not the only one who crosses 7s and Zs. I feel better. I do it because of my piss poor handwriting "skills".

  2. When you live to 104, you can (soberly) laugh at all the alcohol and caffeine addicts out there. I'm currently trying to give up the latter, and it's slowed my typing speed.

  3. Kevin: My handwriting's pretty messy in its natural state too.

    Cheryl: I'm sure to die of a sugar overdose long before then. ;) If I were in LA right now, I'd be at the Juice Fountain on Vine having a pink cloud smoothie.

    And I'm not caffeine-free. Close, but I chug an Arizona iced tea most everyday and sometimes have a Dr Pepper. Actually I'm annoyed with the Pepper people for putting caffeine in when they didn't before.

  4. I'm with you on the 21 through 24. And I'm going on 38... And as for 28 - I've really missed Weather since I moved down south. It's 19 years ago (!) but I still miss the feel of a good thunderstorm...

  5. My high school graduation speech quoted Hill Street Blues: "Let's be careful out there."

    I had no idea what I was doing.

  6. Mine centered more on "the sleeper must awaken." I mis-attributed it to the book though when the full quote I used is only in Lynch's movie.

  7. I cross my sevens and zeds as well. I started doing it long before college, though.

    I don't remember what the inspiration was though.