16 September 2006

Multiples of Eleven

I can't believe I'm going to be 33 on Tuesday which is odd since I've been thinking of myself as 33 for most of the summer. Tuesday it'll be true though. I'm probably the only person past 20 who mentally advances her age early just to get used to it. Strange that it seems to have had the opposite effect this year.

What is it about multiples of eleven? Third time out, something feels special about this one. Maybe it's because there's only two years left, and that feels like it just might be enough. Enough time to become the confident, together person I always thought I'd be by 35.

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  1. I was 33 when I decided to have a child - I had had zero interest in being a parent before then. I guess the biological clock began ticking big time. My daughter was born a few days after my 34th birthday.

    I can truly say that I thoroughly enjoyed my 30's. My 40's were, for the most part, pretty horrible - marriage unravelling while raising a child pretty much with an absent husband, and doing the graduate school thing. But I landed the job I have now when I was 47, so all ended well.

    You not only share a first name with my daughter, but your birthday is exactly a week after hers.

  2. Well, I did the grad school thing in my 20s, so at least I've gotten that out of the way (unless I decide to go back for something else). ;)

    It's starting to feel a bit like you're my window to an alternate universe. My mom had me just after she turned 34 too.

  3. I am sure you will be confident and together by age 35. But by 36 you're on the 'other side' of your 30s and things will start to go downhill. But at least you'll have 2 or 3 good years. But seriously, happy, happy birthday to you!

  4. I can't remember being 33. I have no recollection of it. Then again, I also have no recollection of what I had for lunch yesterday. Ah, the brain cells - they fade so quickly...

    You're such a vibrant, creative person, Claire - I look forward to seeing what you do for many years to come. :-)

  5. When I was 33 I had 5 kids - the youngest were about a year and a half, and I think I described this recently under "5 years ago"... It wasn't the age that did me in, though! I'm sure your 33rd year will be absolutely fabulous!

  6. Rhea: That totally cracked me up. Thanks.

    Merujo: Aw shucks. Thanks, M.

    Scholiast: Raising 5 babies is so hard for me to imagine. Just think of all the blog material you'll have when they're all teenagers! That might be a good time to go on holiday. ;)

  7. Happy early birthday. You know, just in case you're too busy celebrating to blog something tomorrow on which I can make this comment.

  8. Thanks, Kevin. I've kinda got something in mind for tomorrow, maybe something special even.