02 February 2006

Say it ain't so

Pixel Counting Joins Film in Obsolete Bin

Actually, I've been hearing about the demise of film in the motion picture world for a decade, so this assertion isn't new to me. This was what caught my attention more: "Film photography is rapidly becoming a special-interest niche."

That usually translates to more expensive which is a drag. But maybe not, film processing centers are ubiquitous and auto-processing equipment must be a sizeable investment, so I can't see them getting rid of them any time soon.

On the flip side, some of the upcoming digital developments look pretty cool. The dual lens system on Kodak's V570 is pretty clever. One lens is a fixed wide angle and the other is the fairly standard 3X zoom. Having two lenses keeps the camera more compact than it would be if one zoom lens covered the whole range.

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