12 February 2006

Did I just say that?

Have you ever had a moment right after you've said something when you wonder how it possibly could have come out of your mouth?

When I came downstairs mom was channel surfing. "No Olympics?" I asked.

"No," she said dismayed, "they're showing Nascar."

"Maybe it's on one of NBC's affiliate channels," I suggested.

After some hunting, we found a hockey game on CNBC. Canada was crushing the Russian team 10-0. We watched for a while seeing the Canadians score again when they finally had a closeup of one of the players.

"It's ladies' hockey!" I exclaimed with a rush of enthusiasm. Where in my brain did ladies come from? And to describe hockey players, no less.

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  1. I love it! It really wasn't so long ago that it would have been "ladies hockey." I wonder when the LPGA will become the WPGA, though?

  2. lol, that's true. It just seemed so strange coming out of my mouth. I think it's very cool they have it though.

    As for the LPGA, good point. Being an acronym keeps it lower on the radar I imagine.