22 February 2006

Another Wednesday Rolls Around

Lost is a repeat, so get your asses over to UPN and watch Veronica Mars at 9 PM. Yes, it's a repeat too, but if you haven't seen it, what better time to dive into this year's mysteries? Unlike Lost, the clues on Veronica Mars actually lead to solving mysteries.

I think Dave said it best: "Unlike Lost, STUFF ACTUALLY HAPPENS!!"

If that's not enough for ya, check out Buffy creator Joss Whedon's rave review for the season 1 DVD.

Even Stephen King writes: "Will Veronica Mars ever achieve the popular success it so richly deserves? Alas, probably not."

I still have my hopes for it though. At the very least, I want to see Veronica go to college next year, so watch!

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  1. I would love to see the college co-ed Veronica as well. I really hope this show doesn't get the axe when UPN and the WB merge. Please give it the chance it so deserves. Then again, it is the second-highest rated show on UPN, so it's not as though much else deserves to take its place.

  2. I disagree have to disagree on VM growing up,
    I did apost awhile ago lamenting Veronica Mars growing up.

  3. Kevin- fingers crossed!

    Justacoolcat- I like the world of Neptune High too, but Veronica deserves to grow and have new challenges. One of the things I like best about this show is that it isn't static.