05 February 2006

At a loss

Does anyone know what code I need to adjust the width of my recent comments drop-down menu? I've read quite a bit, stared and compared it to my archive menu code, and I'm at a loss.

But it's still driving me crazy.

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  1. Are the entries in the drop down menu created automatically by your template or do you handcode each new entry? If hand-coded, you need to just shorten the length of "Either I've still got it or..." entry which is making it expand.

    I'm really not sure how to fix the width of it as I think the script used to create it will expand as needed regardless.

  2. Hmm. I hadn't thought of that. The entries are auto-generated using blogger-specific tags.

    So, for now I should get off my duff and post two short-titled entries just to test out this theory.

    Thanks, Kevin!

  3. In the "select name=" tag, just add a style="width:225px" value. Then change the 225px to whatever you want!

    You can check out my blog for an example, but be warned that I'm on a template changing streak right now.

  4. Luke, that's awesome. Thank you so much for the help!

  5. Luke... thanks!

    That tip worked for my blog as well! No more staggered dropdown boxes for me.