27 February 2006

One of those days

Actually it started just before I went to bed last night. A mystery muscle pull near to qualifying as throwing my back out. Nothing like that to make you feel old.

I took some Advil and kept my breathing easy, so today it's not so bad, but it's still there as this niggling twinge threatening to become more painful. Bah.

In the meantime, a longer tale is in the works, but my concentration is waning (more due to interruption than pain). Hopefully it'll be up later tonight.

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  1. I hope you feel better. But be happy you're not me. Usually when I have a pulled muscle like that, I wind up in sneezing fits. Talk about pain... violent sneezing with a strained neck is horrible.

  2. Almost back to normal today, thanks.

    And oh man, sneezing fits would be terrible. I feel for ya.