04 April 2015

10 Years of TTaT!

Ten years, whoa.

Happy 10th blogiversary, TTaT!

In honor of this anniversary, I finally updated my Best of TTaT post which you can also find in the header under Highlights. The new additions cover posts from 2010 to now.

So... of those 2196 posts (not including this one), which are my favorites?

Ten years of Taller Than Average Tales, ultra-condensed

Goblets of beer: a tale of perception, paranoia, and standing out.

Hamlet was my undoing (Part I, Part II, Part III) and its sequel,
The Prom: Take Two (part 1, part 2, part 3): an epic tale of teen love, angst, and rivalry.

Higher altitude: a verbal snapshot.

Blue gloves: a trip to the dentist, revealing unexpected connections.

The Road is my Favorite Place: Day 3: I love being on the road, able to stop and photograph whenever I choose as long as there's somewhere to pull over.

Formalwear Claire: the trials of finding formal wear last minute.

Claire's Bears: the ultimate backyard bear sighting.

Before dinner...: the camera at hand. Look at that sky!

After dinner...: I love this serene sequence of photos so much, I made it my twitter background so I can see it every day.

Gettin' My Groove On... (vol. xv) A photo montage.

Favorite semi blurs

Observations in my parents' kitchen: word play.

Sketchbook, page 58: Self-portrait

Biggest Bear Yet

Flame whoosh

Bona fide tower

Temporal Transportation

Are you ready to Jummmbbbllleee?

Inner Badass

Fractional Storytelling #1, Fractional Storytelling #9, Fractional Storytelling #12, Fractional Storytelling #14: An adventure broken into tiny stories.

Left to my own devices...


Evening Stride

Random Act

Christmas Eve

2015 (so far):
Best Part of Winter

My First Haircut

Thanks to all of you who have read and commented over the years!

If you have a favorite post that is or isn't on this list, please leave it in the comments.

A year ago on TTaT: Nove!


  1. Happy Blogiversary! My 10th is this June. I am holding on to this post so I can go back and read them all and see which ones I remember.

    1. Thanks, Kevin! I confess I stole links for the first 5 years from my 5th blogiversary post and didn't re-curate much. 2010 to now links I picked out in down & dirty fashion after I'd spent a few hours curating favorites from those years for my best of post.

      Let me know which ones you remember/enjoy, or if there are any you think should be here that aren't. :)

      Unsolicited tip: if you want to do something special for your 10th, start sooner than the day before. I'd been thinking about it for a while but got sidetracked updating my best of links.

  2. Happy blogiversary! I would be closing in on ten years myself now that I think about it.

    Anyway, I'll have to take a stroll down taller than average memory lane with some of these links. :)

    1. Thanks, Vahid! It's funny how many of us all started in the same year.