15 July 2012

Are you ready to Jummmbbbllleee?

"Would you like to play the Jumble with us?" Mom asked. (My parents play the Jumble from the newspaper every day.)

"Mm, I'll stay for 1 word." For me, the Jumble is generally a source of great frustration or great victory. There is not often any middle ground as I try to rearrange groups of letters into "everyday" words. I do it in my head so rearranging letters and remembering them correctly can be a challenge.

Dad read off 6 letters, a bit too fast and all at once as usual.

I repeated the letters in my mind while my eyes tracked from up left to up right as though I were reading them. Without rearranging the letters I just saw the word and exclaimed, "Got it!" while swinging both of my arms up and throwing the goat (throwing goats?).

After a minute, Mom said, "Got it."

"I want to say it."

Dad said, "I haven't gotten it yet."

"That's OK, I just want to say it once you have."

"You got that really fast," said Mom.

"Well, I think I've got it right." I hadn't checked the Jumble letters against the word I came up with, I just trusted my initial reaction was right. (Sometimes I'm a letter off.) At this point I couldn't repeat the original disordered sequence of letters. I just knew there were two C's and an O.

Dad said, "Got it."

I said, "Scorch."

"Very good," Mom added. Victory confirmed, woo!

"I think I was primed for it by the Comic-Con coverage I watched this weekend."

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