23 May 2013

Fractional Storytelling #9

I still remember standing sideways on my skis at the top of the hill in front of the castle looking at the long, steep slope down.

A year ago on TTaT: Surprised? Really?


  1. We hadn't guessed yet guessed that the wendigos were close to emerging from their natural cycle of hibernation, just beginning to stir in their caves. Maybe they were sensitive to the vibrations we made stomping up the hill; maybe it was the snow, or the season, or the right phase of the moon. It was certainly the scent of nearby meat that sent them venturing out, searching for human prey with those awful yellow eyes.

    1. (Ugh I made a typo SO ANGRY RIGHT NOW)

    2. HOW DID YOU KNOW? ;)

      Love this! Thanks so much for playing! I totally miss the bears that would tromp through our backyard now. Didn't seen any this year. *sniff*