30 September 2013

Left to my own devices...

Left to my own devices...
...it seems really clear that I don't like to cook. I like the idea of cooking, but the practice? Not so much.

...I will wait until I'm hungry before I'll fix something. And then? Don't really care. In spite of everything I've read and heard about eating better quality foods, I still opt for fast and inexpensive.

...I will eat a bunch of baby carrots with most every dinner. That's something, right?

...my default mode is work while it's quiet and I'm free of interruptions and distractions.

...I am a recluse. If you exclude typed communication, I didn't speak to anyone for 4 days, probably 5 if you went by hours.

...I think I could crush a silent retreat.

...I will workout everyday. It's really not as impressive or crazy as it may sound, but it is pretty consistent. Some easy yoga and mobility stretches each morning with rare exception. Bodyweight strength training about twice a week. Various other mobilizations usually while watching tv at night. Short walks several times a week.

...I will wear t-shirts and black cargo pants most days. (I do this left to my own devices or not.)

...I will sing in the shower.

...I will revel in all the small considerations I do not need to do. Most, though curiously not all, of my politeness takes a break. If I burp, I'll still say, "Excuse me," even if it's just to myself.
What do you do when left to your own devices?

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