02 April 2015

21. Textiles: A Handbook for Designers

Textiles: A Handbook for Designers21. Textiles: A Handbook for Designers by Marypaul Yates

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This book is aimed more towards designers wanting to work with textile mills. Published in 1996, it doesn't address digital fabric printing and when it mentions computers, it's that they're being used more.

I imagine that computers (scanning, Illustrator, Photoshop) are far more integral to the process of textile manufacture now.

Nonetheless, if you want to create designs by hand, this a good resource. There's a cool chapter on artist materials that gets into specifics of brands and where you need to invest your dollars for good results.

There's quite a bit of helpful information about painting with gouache: the paint consistency you want, throw out the oil that comes out of the tube when you first open it, mix enough of your color to finish your design, clever techniques for painting perfect stripes.

I also now want a screw pitch gauge which I'd never seen or heard of before reading this book.

A good resource for designing fabric by hand. If a section's not relevant to you, don't give up entirely, skip ahead, you'll probably find something of use.

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