27 February 2007

There's no doubt

Helen Mirren is an elegant knockout. In the frenzy of post-Oscar recaps, this may seem a late observation.

Let me assure you: I've been a genuine Helen Mirren fan for over a decade. Get your hands on Painted Lady if you can and all seven installments of Prime Suspect to start. I still have more to see myself, and I'm greatly looking forward to it.

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  1. I cannot understand why this actress has not been on my radar before? I will check out Prime Suspect, it looks fascinating!

  2. "Prime Suspect" was the way I was introduced to Helen Mirren. She rocks.

  3. Elisabeth: She's not someone who's been in the press here that much, and many of her films aren't the blockbuster fare that get actors a lot of exposure. She's totally worth it though.

    Prime Suspect is awesome. Start at the beginning.

    Rhea: I'd seen her in other things in supporting roles earlier, but her performances in Painted Lady and Prime Suspect are what turned me into a fan.

  4. I adore Helen Mirren - I first remember her as Morgana in "Excalibur" back in 1991. I can still recite her character's "spell of making" ("Analnathrach, orphasbethud, dochieldienve...")

    And "Prime Suspect" is the best of the best. She deserves so much more acclaim than she gets. Three cheers for the queen, eh?

  5. 1981, that is, for Excalibur. I think I was trying to make myself a little younger there, heh heh heh...

  6. "She deserves so much more acclaim than she gets."

    Absolutely, M.

    And as I was scanning down her imdb credits, Excalibur did jump out at me. Pretty sure I saw it on tape or tv mid-late 80s.

    The earliest thing I saw that I remember her specifically from was probably The cook, the thief, his wife, and her lover. Came out in '89 but was x-rated and I would've had to sneak in to see it. I saw it a couple years later when I was sucking in all the Peter Greenaway I could.