03 February 2007

Fleeting wonderland

My sinuses and the weather are still messing with me pretty well, but Wil's post about last night felt so simpatico to my experience that it motivated me to write mine when I wasn't sure I felt up to it.

It was a little after midnight, and I pulled the curtains apart to look out the sliding glass door. Earlier in the evening we'd gotten 3 inches of snow, so the sky was still overcast. The full moon was bright enough to keep the sky a light grey, however, with individual clouds visible amidst the layers of cloud cover and to reflect off the snow below.

Tree branches were thickly covered with snow all the way to their tops, enough to greatly soften their typically hard, bare lines. The tops were a series of small snow domes instead of fine, pointy sticks.

It was beautiful, something I hadn't seen here before, but it was too dark and wouldn't translate well to a photograph. I was pretty sure the effect would be lost when the sun rose even if the temperature didn't break 32, so I stood there and tried to soak in the image.

That's miraculous, I thought to myself. Me standing here, not just sheltered, but warm. Looking through glass at this cold spectacular scene. Just thinking it disturbed the moment though, making me feel a bit self-conscious for thinking the word 'miraculous.' But then I assured myself that it was fair, because it would most probably be gone when I got up, and it was stray luck that I'd seen it at all.

If it was still there when I got up, I'd shoot it; if not (it wasn't), at least I'd seen it.

I headed back into the kitchen to make some popcorn.


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