06 December 2006

the other side of Santa

I was at the mall doing some shopping yesterday and as I walked through the center of the mall, I thought maybe they didn't have Santa. I almost missed him entirely because he was at the far end of the mall in front of Sears, an odd stretch that is perpetually darker than the rest of the mall. No line, no kids. Just Santa chillin' with his (or possibly hers to be honest) photographing helper, looking kind of bummed. Not exactly with the perky holiday cheer making.

Later on, Mom pointed out that Santa was set up by the toy store which makes sense. It's just in this particular mall, that's the quietest and least frequented part of it. The food court, movies, and the still fairly new Target are all on the opposite end.

When I walked by Santa later, someone was getting set up for a photo and the energy seemed more upbeat which seemed good.

I was never much into sitting on Santa's lap when I was little. However, England Brothers (when it still existed, a department store from our pre-mall days) had an animatronic reindeer you could talk to which I loved. Maybe Rudolph or Prancer, I'm not sure. Much less stressful than interacting with some strange hairy guy. And at the time it made more sense to me; Santa had toys to make and lists to check after all, while the reindeer just had time to kill before the big night.

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