17 December 2006

Level-headed and responsible

Season 6 is probably my least favorite season of Buffy because the main characters all screw up so badly. For characters I'm so fond of, it can be hard to watch. Nonetheless, back in the summer, I started rewatching the whole series in order from the beginning, and here I am in the middle of season 6.

There's an episode where they talk about perpetually level-headed and responsible people being the ones you have to be most concerned about, the ones most likely to blow up. Human nature.

I recognize myself in that comment, but I feel like it's been more of an implosion. Affecting others very little, making it easy to ignore and making it easy for me to wallow in this state predominantly unchallenged.

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  1. Or maybe they just buy a motorcycle...

  2. Or maybe they just buy a motorcycle...

  3. Oh, how I miss the Buffyverse. Sigh. There were times when I was pretty sure I wanted to have Joss Whedon's babies. (Okay, if he wasn't already married and stuff...0

  4. Dan: Perhaps. ;)

    Merujo: There are times now I wish I'd started watching Buffy earlier (I started in summer reruns of s.3) and had thought to pursue work in tv instead of features, specifically to have been willing to do whatever to work for and learn from Joss. I'm such a fan of the environments and so many of the characters he's created. And he seems like a genuinely decent fellow.