21 December 2006

I thought I only had 2 left

Dudes, it sucks when the finish line moves. For the past couple months, I've been steadily importing scanned rolls into iPhoto, relabeling them with my date/roll archive system, deleting duds or variants that aren't as good, sorting them into albums, and working on a digital portfolio of my best.

This has been rather time consuming since it involves all rolls for which I have scans dating back to July 1999. I've done 72 so far: rolls. What's 72x25? Ah, 1800. And it'd be more than that because some rolls were 36ers. You get the idea.

Newer rolls have files annoying labeled 1,2,3,4,...- essentially the same as many other rolls if taken from their folder context, so that's necessitated even more relabeling. I thought I only had 2 rolls left to import, but the closer I got to doing them, the more certain I was that something wasn't right.

I must've been overwhelmed at the beginning because I declined to save at least 8 rolls from 2005 to my computer. None of this even touches all the earlier photos which will also need to be scanned, as well as the photos from my portfolio-in-progress which will need to be rescanned at a higher resolution once I've narrowed them down to a reasonable number; I just thought I was going to be done with this part of it today, and it's really not going to happen.

Also, my old iPhoto 4 has been crashing. I think it's just not cut out for this photo volume. I guess I'll wait until iLife '07 comes out to upgrade since I can't just upgrade one program of the suite for less... Grrr.

Sometimes it really doesn't pay to be a perfectionist.

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