12 December 2006

Bad equation

Up later => less sleep = nausea

Actually, that's more of a theorem than an equation, but you get the idea. My body responds to not enough sleep by acting hungover without having had any of the good drunk times (or any alcohol for that matter). Blah.

Watching a couple eps of Buffy made me feel better though. If you have any Buffy-obsessed buds, season 7 is only $16.99 this week at BestBuy. That's a great price, just shy of 50% off.

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  1. Up later => less sleep = yearning for more late nights / yearning for less work. On my part. No nausea, though, and I sleep 4-5 hours every night, needing 7-8, really...

    wv: wakmn! Must be sms language for walkman --- but noone has walkmen anymore?!

  2. I couldn't function for many days in a row with that little sleep.

    And I still have a walkman! It looks pretty pathetic when I pull it out on a plane next to all the laptops and iPods. Maybe by the next time I fly, I'll have upgraded at last.