15 September 2006

Out and about

this is an audio post - click to play
(run time 1:30)

The post I mention regarding donating my saxophone is here.

One year ago at TTaT: The screw could've been worse, The Selective Bookshelf
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  1. HI there-

    I came across your blog in a technorati search and thought you might be interested in a blog post i have on my blog: a video on how Selmer makes Saxophones.

    here's the link:


  2. Great to hear your nice voice! Oh, and my daughter's comment on the post I wrote on Marriage alternative lifestyle began with "Holy Crap! There's another Claire!"

  3. Thanks for the link, David.

    Elisabeth: Thank you. I think this one actually sounds more like me than some of my other audblogs, though it's also apparent that sometimes I talk fast.

    Your daughter's comment made me laugh. There are some of us out there beyond the characters in tv and movies. ;)