15 September 2005

The screw could've been worse

When the boss of the woman who'd given me an estimate earlier this week said she'd have to go over the numbers again with the specific address I'd given, I knew the price was going up even though the distance would be slightly shorter.

Karen called back today to say that Jennifer's estimate hadn't included the adjustment for the raise in gas prices. As if I didn't see that coming from miles away. The question then was how much would they gouge me?

She explained something about it going from 12% to 18% that I didn't really follow, though the gist was clear: she was raising. She just wasn't sure how much she could raise and still be called. Fortunately she sensed my weakness and went fairly low tacking only $41.50 more to the total. Call.

It's too bad I can't wait until January when gas prices are supposed to drop back to around $2.40. Oh well.

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