16 February 2006

The unconscious lie

"You don't care what I think," mom said in surprise to my reaction.

"Sure, I do," I replied at the same time dad said, "That's not true."

"My opinion shouldn't matter," mom continued, selling the idea as if she really believed it.

It was possibly the most ludicrous thing I've ever heard. How many times has she said, "You don't think my opinion is valid," or "I can't even state my opinion" with tears in her eyes because her point of view wasn't getting enough air time?

"We do things differently," she went on, "That doesn't mean I'm disparaging your approach to things."

"You said, 'That sounds like a complete waste of time,'" I countered. I had been explaining what Wikipedia is, and why I thought it's a cool resource.

"It'd be a waste of time for me," she said as clarification.

"Not necessarily," Dad interjected.

Mom continued to push the my-opinion-shouldn't-matter agenda, but I couldn't respond to it because I don't think she really believes it (at least not 90% of the time). To her, it was unfair that my initial reaction was to take her comment personally. Ironic, eh?

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  1. Are you my sister? You must be because I swear we have the same mom.

  2. Have you guys considered going on Dr. Phil?

  3. Kevin: I haven't had the urge to throttle you, but then we haven't played any games, so maybe. ;)

    Neil: That'd be a no, but thanks for inspiring my next post!