11 October 2005

I can move!

After yesterday's stupid behavior, I feared today would be full of sharp, stabbing back pain, the sort that truly makes you comprehend what a person means when she says she's thrown out her back. In my desire to unpack a box of books, I leaned into the closet (not this closet) to retrieve it. I'd done this once before months ago to see what was in the box and had strained my back then. Last night, I was careful, but I felt that familiar mild strain that betokens the arrival of agony in subsequent hours or after a night's sleep. Not again!

After unloading the box, I stretched. And then stretched some more. I rested it on the floor for a bit, took some advil, and made sure I kept it warm so it wouldn't seize up. Success! It still feels mildly overworked today, but it's not painful. I'm stoked.


  1. I know! Sadly I may blow it with my desire to move a box of books (much lighter, but still...) from the garage this eve. Keep your fingers crossed (or whatever you may do for luck across the ocean).

  2. You got it!

    (I know that actually means kiss, but today it means crossed fingers, okay!?)

  3. Cool, and it worked. (well I was careful also, but still... ;)