31 October 2005

blargh- or was that blog?

Well, the site overhaul is coming along, but the mix of blogger tags with regular html and my basic knowledge of both is making it more complicated than I'd hoped. I've been looking at the source code of some other blogs, but I'm still not clear on how to put a banner of my own across the top. I think I just need to figure out which blogger tags need to get deleted. I thought I had it figured out, but it wasn't working so I think I'll come back to it fresh later.

Of course, if anyone just wants to tell me how to do this... well, that would rock.

Happy Halloween!


  1. I'll give it a try when I get home and if I can work it out (it shouldn't be to tricky, really), I'll send you a how!

  2. There's nothing scarier to do on Halloween than working on the coding of your blog.

  3. So I think I got it figured out, I will now try to mail it to the address in the sidebar. Let me know if you don't get a mail shortly...

    Neil: This is sooooo spooooky! ;o)

  4. Rarity- thanks so much! I've been out moving stuff all day so I think I'll take it easy tonight, but I will try it out soon.

    Neil- Absolutely! ;]

  5. You inspired me to give it a go over at the View as well. Still needs some adjustment, but it's a start. Good luck to you!

    (btw you might have to add one or two break tags to keep the banner from ending partly under the blogger bar...)

    PS! my WV is "sizstyry" - you go sizstyry!