21 October 2005

Dagnabbit, Tomito!

It's been a few days since our neighbors invited everyone on our street over for dinner and drinks, so I've been getting more concerned that I would run into them without an excuse prepared. If you read the comments, you know that I was feeling relieved because my parents didn't want to go either.

So after lunch today, I asked if anyone had RSVP'ed yet, what the story was. No one had, but then my dad pulled a 180 and said, "If it was just up to me, I'd go."

"But you're the one who said, 'I've been afraid of something like this since they moved in,'" I argued.

"I have been, but now we have a decision to make."


Mom agreed the only way to get out of it would be to go out of town; anything else would be rude.


"No one's going to make you go," he had assured me on Monday, but now I'm not convinced. I reiterated that I do not want to attend.

I'm back to hoping they'll go, but I'll get to beg off.

Sometimes I really want to smack him upside the head though. Not because of this specifically, but because he has a bad habit of flip-flopping his statements. He does it often, but it still surprises me each time. At least I've gotten better at calling him on it to make him more aware that he does it. I suppose what makes it remain surprising to me is that it will be a switch from no to yes, from I'm certain of this to I don't know: his statements oppose themselves. No wonder I equivocate as much as I do. Dammit.

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