05 October 2005

Show and Tell: My Closet

With my recent ruminations on stuff about to arrive after 3 years in storage, Helena's tag does not seem out of place.

I adore a good closet. If I had the money, I would absolutely have one of those huge dressing rooms everyone on CRiBs seems to have even if it was only full of t-shirts and cargo pants. And I might even have more than one.

In my opinion, life is too short for ironing. Unless I'm heading to a job interview, or maybe a wedding or funeral, it's just not happening, so I like to hang everything. Unfortunately I hate the closet I currently have. It's the narrow sliding door type, and the shelves and hanging space are set up in reverse of what I would have done. It's also got so much stuff (not mine) packed into the bottom of it that the doors take significant effort to slide, so I don't really use it. Where most of my clothes actually reside is described here.

And now, the most photo-heavy blog post in the history of ttat: the contents of my closet:

Hedgehog, BigFoot, Odie, and little bear (top shelf) stuffed animals. A dreamcatcher. 4 out of 7 shirts that I do hang in this closet. Fabric pieces (Not Mine, subsequently NM), a dollhouse sized wicker chair (NM), a small clock (NM). A hangable series of collapsed wire baskets, and 3 collapsed caps.

A stack of my pants, my black leather belt, a random tie (NM), t-shirts too big or fragile to wear that have sentimental value, a pillow (NM). The white t-shirt with green on it is one I dislike but don't think I've had long enough to part with since it was a gift.

Keychains of the Eiffel Tower my brother brought back from his high school trip to Paris.

The green cardboard has a poster in it I think. Purses (definitely NM), boxes (NM), a black witch's hat with a bat garland (NM).

Orange luggage (NM), more pillows and bedding (NM), and one pillow that is mine.

Another shirt of mine on the left. Sweater on top (NM). Walrus and coyote (NM) stuffed animals, more of my late grandfather's ties (NM).

My brother's Boy Scout shirt (NM), our high school graduation gowns (gold for me and a semblance of maroon for my bro), my college graduation gown (black).

A banner containing my pin collection. When we went to Disney World and Epcot when I was 13, I was obsessed with getting the flag pins from all of the different countries. Honestly, I'm not sure why I still have this other than my mom went to the trouble to make something for me so I could display them all.

And finally, my long green dress. The shimmering dark spots are raised and slightly fuzzy. Like my prom dress, this was a last minute purchase for a wedding. I hadn't been looking for something green, but I quickly fell in love with it because it's so comfortable.

And now, I tag Cathy, Rarity, and Merujo.


  1. LOVE the pin collection! I am SO jealous! And your grandfather's ties, and the orange suitcase. I covet them.

    Thanks for being such a good sport! :)

  2. Hey, you tagged me... I'm both honored and going Yikeeees! Or I was... I have now spent all evening - hour upon hour - literally - on responding to the challenge. It's so hard to get a descent display of all the images - the preview isn't exactly spot on... If you know what I mean!

    Anywho, it's out there, and I can let my shoulders down... It's eight thirty here now, and I'm up for some TV...

    Thanks for thinking of me - I really felt kinda CHOSEN... ;o)

  3. Helena- glad you enjoyed the fruit of your tag.

    Rarity- I know exactly what you mean, I felt the same way about being tagged. And I totally understand about the picture display... I must've reposted mine 6 or 7 times adjusting the spacing to get things to match up better. I think yours looks great.

  4. Oh my God, I feel like such an overindulgent brat after seeing your neat, organized closet. I had to buy a set of six new shelves to hold my shoes. The ones that wouldn't fit in the closet, that is.

  5. neat and organized? Well, sort of, I guess. My shots don't do justice to the lower half which I chose not to excavate because I feared I'd never fit it all back in. It's squashed in pretty tightly.

    If it makes you feel better, even if the closet was totally emptied of old junk, I still wouldn't be able to fit all my clothes in it- not by a long shot.

  6. Ahhhh, this will require me actually replacing the blown lightbulbs in my bedroom so I can actually see what lurks in my closet...

    There is some odd dang stuff in there. Some classic goodies. Some things I cannot explain...

    Give me a couple of days. :-)

  7. Ah, cool! Another good sport. I look forward to it.