25 November 2010

Thanksgiving haiku: Back to the Past

Happy Thanksgiving, blogpeeps!

Teenagers lined up
for a Thanksgiving portrait
many years ago.

Feel free to share your own Thanksgiving haiku in the comments! Or yes, you can comment on the lovely stylings pictured above.

Thanksgiving haiku of years past:

In case you're a midnight shopper, here are the Black Friday Deals for my Zazzle shop which begin at 12:01 AM PST tonight.

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  1. You guys look like a band! Hope you had a happy Tofurky Day.

  2. The Fab Four circa 1987, eh? Mighty kind of you; I think we look like a bunch of thugs.

    I had a very nice and tasty T-day, thank you. I hope you had some scrumptious fixin's yourself!