18 November 2006

People are strange, myself included

I was sitting at the table last night after dinner, my empty plate still in front of me, when I started looking at my dad. He looked back at me, and then without word or gesture, we both understood that we were having an impromptu staring contest.

For a moment I wondered if it was fair without an official start. I was pretty sure I'd stopped blinking first, but then I dismissed the thought because the blinking frenzy that would typically precede an official start had never done me much good when I was a kid.

I could feel my eyes drying out. Dad kept my gaze steadily. My eyes started to water, but I compelled myself to resist spreading the lubricant with a blink. Hang on a little longer. It was actually a bit zen: I was very much in the moment.

And then he blinked.

My arms shot up over my head as I exclaimed, "I win! Woohoo!"

Mom shook her head at both of us. I couldn't argue with her bemused look: people are strange. Or if not strange, then naturally inclined to compete in inane manners.

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  1. I would have definitely done the same thing. In fact, I have, on more occasions than one. Congrats, by the way ;)

  2. i never win staring contests. good for you!

  3. Thanks, Scholiast. It's good to know I'm not the only silly one around.

    Sizzle: I was never good at them either, so it made the victory all the sweeter. No official start...I think that's the key! :)