30 January 2016

What package?

"Claire..." something something "package" something, a voice from down the hall said.

"What?" I was pulling clothes out of the washer and hadn't caught it all.

"Your package is here."

"What package?" I wasn't expecting anything.

"Nexus," she said.

Nexus? "I didn't order anything from them," I called back.

As I hung up another shirt, a happy explanation occurred to me. "Wait. It could be loot. Prize loot from the fundraiser."

I walked down the hall and inspected the box. "Nexus" was printed on the side of it but as part of a larger phrase, "The nexus of comics and pop-culture." That looks promising. I read the address label, confirmed my loot hypothesis, and grinned.

Thank you very much for the books, Worldbuilders!

9 years ago on TTaT: Disorientation

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