08 January 2016

Life of Art SitRep #309 Motor Paragliding

Huzzah! It's a week without a major holiday on my regular post day. I was all set to write about burn out this week, but I turned a corner today and took a stab at editing my first photograph in Lightroom (which I finished in Photoshop) and made a postcard of it, Motor Paraglider on Blue Sky:

I also shot 42 photographs and 11 videos. Getting back to creating things has been good. I suppose the burn out I'd been thinking of has more to do with the managerial aspects of my shop.

For example, I tried making sense of Google Analytics but ended up looking at Statcounter which has far fewer bells and whistles but is also straightforward. I suppose I will need to read more about GA at some point though. Know any good resources for Google Analytics? (Yes, I suppose I can Google it.)

Made end of month/year backups. Have you backed up lately?

Did a bit of archival work on my photographs.

Made some 2016 copyright presets for Lightroom and actions for Photoshop.

Discovered some metadata quirks of Lightroom that I need to investigate further.

Read my first book of the year, "Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC/6 Quick Start Guide: Updated for the new import dialog" by Victoria Bampton. It's a free e-book you can get if you sign up for her mailing list at her site Lightroom Queen. She also has extensive keyboard shortcuts for Lightroom in the Resources which don't require any sign up.

Updated copyright notices here and on my Rocklawn Arts blog.

Have you updated your blog's copyright notice for 2016 or verified that any auto-updater you may have worked?

I hope your 2016 is getting off to a great start!

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