15 January 2016

Life of Art SitRep #310 Gliding to Quadrangles

Added my photograph Motor Paraglider on Blue Sky to stamps and cards to finish out its select collection:

Rocklawn Arts blogged New Motor Paraglider on Blue Sky photograph.

Rearranged categories in my store some.

Updated links and LOA files.

Drew out a possible pattern idea.

Created a new digital pattern, Purple Quadrangle Stripes on Grey with Monogram. I was able to apply some more sophisticated yet ultimately simpler approaches in Photoshop which made me happy. Added it to a few electronics products:

I'll be adding it to more once its folder starts displaying in my shop.

Originally, I had named it Purple Stripes and Parallelograms on Grey with Monogram. I liked the accuracy of the name, but it proved too long.

Did a bit of work on my archives: deleted 6 videos and 21 photographs.

How was your week?

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