04 April 2013


Happy Birthday, TTaT!

You're 8!

I've known you since before you were born, back when the only blog I read was Wil Wheaton's. A friend suggested I start a blog, but I got the impression he was only saying that so I'd stop emailing him (and other friends and family) my very sporadic tall tales. (Honestly, I was kind of offended.)

When I finally came around to the idea with aspirations for where you would lead, it still took me months to begin. I was paralyzed with perfectionism.

But eight years ago today, I hit publish and you were born. I gave up my story-driven emails, and only one person missed them.

With time a community of strangers developed with regular readers from Norway to Los Angeles, readers whose blogs I read and found inspiration in.

Much of that early group has dispersed or moved on to FaceBook and/or Twitter as their preferred platforms. I miss the camaraderie of those early days, although not the creepy, quasi-aggressive dudes that would pop up from time to time. You made it possible (the creepy dudes were not your fault).

Thank you, TTaT, and to the commenters and lurkers out there.

No matter what occurs, TTaT, it'll be you and me to the end.

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  1. Happy TTATiversary! My eight year is coming up in June. Can't believe it's been that long.

    1. I know, it seems crazy, though I confess part of me felt like it'd been 9. ;)

  2. Happy blogiversary! Man, I have no idea when mine is. November, maybe? Anyway, I started in '05, so I guess I'm homing in on eight years too.

    1. Thanks!

      Are your posts archived on your blog? If so, just go back to the first and check the date. :)

    2. They are, I'm just embarrassed by them. The early stuff was SO BAD.

    3. Conversely, I really like a lot of my early stuff. I feel like I wasn't able to keep up over time.

      But don't worry about your early stuff. It's not like you have to link to it. ;)