12 April 2013

Life of Art SitRep #166 Veronica Mars!

First, have you not donated to The Veronica Mars Movie Kickstarter yet? There's less than a day left, so get on that! They need less than 5000 more backers to have broken every record Kickstarter has, and you can get in on the fun for just a buck!

Now back to our regularly scheduled program.

A couple of months ago one of the wires holding up my kinetic sculpture broke. It's been hanging from bungee cords in the garage awaiting repair since. With every subsequent super windy day, of which there were many, I felt assured that my inclination to devise a sturdier hanging mechanism was justified and wise.

I finally got out to Home Depot and was pretty stoked I knew which two aisles to check without asking. I fortified the frame and hangers and rehung it.

(run time 2:26)

Also bought frames for the two prints I selected for an alumni art show I'm going to participate in. The show's during May. It's both stressful and kind of exciting. I'm plunging forth while second-guessing my choices.

Also created a Green, White, Red Diamond Pattern which I added to my shop:

Watched the final wrap up day of 28 Days with Sue Bryce.

Revised the store description for Rocklawn Arts.

I don't feel like I did much this week but what I did feels significant. We'll see.

How was your week?

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