26 April 2013

Life of Art SitRep #168 Screw Fear

This week's art accomplishments mostly comprised of preparations for the group art show I'm going to be in next month.

Framed my prints, bought picture hanging wire and attached it, bought a frame for my artist statement/bio and worked on writing it.

What do you think? 1st person or 3rd for my bio? Generally I lean towards 1st since I write conversationally, but since I'll be amidst a group, it seems like it might be better to use 3rd person to help people remember my name.

In 3rd person bios, do you have a preference for use of first or last name? Would you intermingle them or just stick to one or the other?

Oh, I also made some mental headway this week also related to the show. There's some paperwork I needed to fill out, part of which asked if I'd be interested in an artists' reception on one of 2 dates. My immediate gut reaction had been no.

It's a high school alumni show after all, and based on last year's participants, it's likely to include and attract people I knew back then. Heck, the woman organizing the show was just a year behind me; her brother, a bit of an arrogant jerk, was in my class. What if they ask me what I've been doing since then, what I'm doing now? What would I say? Will I feel like a loser? To a lesser degree, what would I wear? On that count, I figure I can always play the artist card and wear whatever the hell I want.

Anyway, it occurred to me that nearly all my concerns are fear based. Working on my bio improved my outlook by focusing on the relevant while excising swaths of the irrelevant. When all you need is something short, it's suddenly possible to sound more impressive. There's quite a bit I took for granted.

So I'm plunging ahead in spite of my fears. The true test will come if she picks the date when I have something I'd really like to do already. If it's on the date I said yes to, I figure I can always ask other people questions to avoid the hot seat. Or talk about my pieces in the show or what film sets are like. It's just a couple hours, right?

I can do this. Screw fear.

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