05 April 2013

Life of Art SitRep #165 Thinking just the right amount

If nothing else this week, I didn't over-think sending an email about an opportunity. OK, fine, I did a little bit but just for a day. I could've dragged it out for another week. For now I've said, "Yes, I am interested. Tell me more."

Besides, there will be plenty of opportunities to over-think things soon enough.

Otherwise, I felt pretty exhausted by a cold dragging me down.

Wrote some product reviews, made some managerial adjustments to my store, installed some software I've yet to try, and, natch, watched some creative LIVE: day 3 of Building Your Brand with Porter Gale, a short Q&A with Sue Bryce, and the Nikon D600 - DSLR Fast Start with John Greengo.

I also watched a short tutorial, "How and When to Rename Files in Lightroom 4" on The Complete Picture with Julieanne Kost. I don't have Lightroom, but I'm always interested in people's file nomenclature.

How was your week?

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