13 December 2012

Life of Art SitRep #149 Perception vs. progress

I feel like I did a lot this week because a lot of my time was tied up, but when I look at my list, it doesn't seem I have much to show for it. How do you measure the value of education? By what you're able to apply, I imagine.

Caught the rest of The Efficient Photoshoot with Jared Platt and then Crafting Today's Digital Workflow with Eddie Tapp (& Judy Host) and Color Management with Eddie Tapp.

A couple of quick things I picked up and implemented:
Set Bridge keywords to turn on all parent categories when you choose the bottom detail keyword. Also set it so labels can be applied without holding command key.

Sometimes it's the small things that increase your efficiency and improve your workflow.

I also added 5 reviews to Zazzle of products of mine I've bought.

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