06 December 2012

Hoodie Holiday Song redux

That's right, it's the return of the Hoodie Holiday Song. Figured I'd get it up a bit earlier this year so you can enjoy it while still in the throws of shopping and wrapping.

December 21, 2011:
You know how it is when you get the first line of a song in your head, so then you have to write the rest of it?

Um...me neither? Let's chalk it up to an illness-induced delusion. ... Wrote this little ditty and thought of you all.


Click to play.
(Runtime 1:01. You'll probably need to turn up your sound.)
For the record, I do still have one more gift to wrap. When I thought of wrapping it last night, I wrote this song instead, and then today I made this video. I should really stop procrastinating. S'all right though, I take it as a sign I'm feeling a little better, enough to have some fun.

I hope you all have lovely, fun, restorative, and refreshing holidays!

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