30 July 2010

Life of Art SitRep #25

A series to mark what I did to further my pursuit of a life sustained by my art each week. Committing to these posts is a commitment to action, because to have content for them, I have to do something. Every week. If you have any sort of goal you're pursuing, feel free to share your efforts of the past week in the comments. Or encouragement, that's good too.
This week, I
  • Found a video tutorial for repairing dust & scratches in Photoshop. Better for spots than scratches I think. Definitely useful stuff though it may just apply to black & white images.

    Anyone have a good Photoshop tip for dust & scratch correction? I'm looking for something less painstaking. Or know of a program that does it better?
  • Prepped Crane and Counterweight and created some products for my shop:
    Several years ago during what I'm sure was an imaginary period of my life, I lived in a store front along the border of Nob Hill and Chinatown in San Francisco, California. Theoretically, parking in my neighborhood was routinely horrendous, so I walked whenever possible, noting any structures I wanted to go back and photograph later.

    When I saw this construction site in the Financial District, I marveled at how close the barricades were to the equipment. I returned on a Sunday with an amazing sky when the workmen were off. I sidled up to the barricades around the crane and its multi-ton counterweights, and started taking photos.

    I chose black and white film to show off the geometry within the crane and pulley system's lattices. To give the crane an unusual look, I aligned the arm of the crane with its base. I still feel the awe of being below (though not quite directly under) this massive piece of equipment when I look at this image.
  • Tweeted, FB'd Crane and Counterweight link.
  • RT'd Harry Potter zazzle sale info.
  • Revised Rocklawn Arts shop's profile and changed the background color.
  • Listened to Havi's Copywriting Magic teleclass. Great bit about worth of art and not making assumptions about what people want. There are people out there with money. We don't know value of our stuff because we can do it already.
  • Listened to 2 GoingPro podcasts.

What did you do to pursue the life you want this week?

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  1. I'm so glad you're keeping at it. I'm in the final week of rehearsal for my show! Thanks for the good wishes.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement, Voix. I admit I have wondered of late if anyone else found these updates worthwhile.

    I'm excited for your show! Wish I were several hundred miles closer so I could see it.

    Anyone in/near the Minneapolis area next month, visit Voix's site for the dates and details of her show. It sounds like it will be a lot of fun.