01 July 2010

Less thinking, more photos

I spend a lot of time mentally curating. In the past 3 months, I shot over 4000 photographs. How many have I posted? Ok, so I got tired of counting 2 months back around 60, but it's still easy to answer: not that many. Less than 5%.

I'm not saying I want to post everything. I believe it's crucial to be discerning about one's work, but I also know that more than 5% of my photos are good. They may not all meet my quality criteria for my photography shop, but they are still worth sharing.

So, in an effort to bypass the procrastination-inducing time suck of selecting and preparing multiple photos, I'm going to start posting more single shots. I'm starting with the batch I started March 16 and working forward, selecting my favorite shots from each roll as I go. Once I'm through all of those, I'll go back to my older photo archive and begin again.

Seems fitting I write this exactly 1 year after The nature of art and creativity.

Here's to more photos!

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