30 June 2008


One Thousand Posts. As of right now.

When I started TTaT in April of 2005, I doubt I would have believed I'd ever have this many posts, but now that I'm here, I'm psyched to have reached this milestone.

Thank you for reading. Some of you have been reading for a good long while now; I much appreciate your comments over the years. They have made a difference, encouraging me to keep writing and creating, to share more whether it's photos or vlogs or personal stories. Reading your blogs has inspired and motivated me as well. Thank you for the camaraderie.

To mark the occasion, I've culled my best/favorite 10 posts. (Yes, I've cheated by including a couple of multi-parters as single entries.) Picking the top 1% was tough, so these aren't in a precise order. If you have an opinion as to how they should be ranked, I'd be chuffed to hear it. Likewise, if you have any favorites that I left out, let me know and I'll see about a reader's favorites list.

The Top 10 From The First 1000:

  • The Prom: Take Two (Parts one, two, three) - my last chance at the prom in excruciating detail

  • Three Breaks (Parts one, two, three) - an automotive adventure

  • Higher altitude- a verbal snapshot

  • The Road is my Favorite Place: Day 3 - driving through Utah's spectacular views

  • A follow-up of sorts - cranes, columns, and a pyramid in San Francisco

  • Claire's Bears - backyard bears

  • A Prelude to Bewitched - pocket tape measure, need I say more?

  • In the ground - a favorite photo and a funeral suggestion

  • Leaf density II - bokeh!

  • Snowprints - paying attention to your footsteps can create art

  • A year ago on TTaT: Damn you, formatting!; Let The Pictures Do The Talking: A Road Trip, iii


    1. Congrats on your 1,000 post! I keep on enjoying your blog, mostly because of the diversity of stuff that I always find here. Keep on blogging!

    2. Thanks for reading, Elisabeth and Sizzle!

      I'm glad to hear you enjoy the diversity, Elisabeth. At times, I think I should pursue a more focused niche, but I really like posting whatever I feel like.

    3. Congrats! Now I need to go through and check out the top 10. How long did it take to choose?!

    4. Thanks, kilax! It took me a good while to choose... about a week and a half. I used the 50 links from my best of post to start, but I hadn't done 2008 yet, so I read through all of this year to date, keeping track of additional contenders. Also, there were some older stray posts I remembered and liked that I added back into the mix.

      I'm proud of this group; I hope you enjoy them!

    5. Congrats! In blog years, your blog is like 75 years old.

    6. Ha! Maybe I am getting a little crotchety with all the young upstarts out there these days... ;)