27 June 2008

Eight strikes... in a row!

OK, virtual strikes in Wii bowling, but still... 8 strikes in a row.

Before today, the most strikes I'd managed consecutively was four, and I'd only done that three or four times, right-handed. Likewise, my best score was 215 or 216, right-handed.

My Mii Lola is left-handed because I like to foster ambidexterity.

Lola's 8 strikes
Maybe I'll just stay lefty for bowling.

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  1. LOL! I get it NOW! I have to send this to Steven.... :)

    And maybe we should get a wii after all. They sound like fun.

  2. yes, no apologies for score bragging here, and my game was virtual! ;)

    I'm still mightily impressed by both your scores, both higher than I've ever done for real. And Steven with 8 strikes in a row too! I got a real kick out of that coincidence.

  3. That is kick-ass! I totally need more practice. :-(

  4. But how are you in the golf?

  5. Dave2: You've just got to tweak your starting positon until you find your sweet spot between the first pin and the one next to it. Better to throw with some curve, I find.

    Still I'm amazed at my 8 strikes. I've played a whole bunch right-handed, but that was only my 9th game left-handed.

    Neil: Well, I managed 1 under par on the beginning holes yesterday. I'm around +1 or +2 on the rest, I think. Maybe have gotten par once. I'm trying to work up to pro there, cuz heck knows it's not going to happen any time soon in the other games. Maybe boxing. Tennis is slow going, and baseball is even harder for me. I do well in the baseball training but when it comes to games, they just catch most of my hits. grr!

  6. Wii Bowling rockstar!

    kilax, how long have I been telling you that?

  7. kapgar: But only left-handed, it seems. Played 2 righty games yesterday with a Mii just one good game away from pro, and I ended up going down in skill level twice. Doh!

    And yes, kilax, the Wii is a lot of fun!

  8. I tried it today. I bowled 2 strikes and a spare. It made me miss the real thing though!

  9. Well done! It actually makes me miss real bowling a bit too, but I suspect I might be disappointed going back to my real scores. ;)