09 October 2015

Life of Art SitRep #296 Sick Days

Colds are a real drag, you guys. It'd been a good while since I'd had a true and proper knockdown cold. Saying "cold" sounds so insufficient, like I should just be able to "tough it out." Tried that for a bit but noticed I wasn't feeling any better so backed off. I wanted to get so much more done this week. The severe laryngitis has not helped either.

But a few things got done this week so I shall celebrate those and hope to do better next week.

Shot a bunch of photographs. Couldn't say how many because I have yet to upload them all.

Made Christmas Wrapping Supplies collection featuring red and green designs on wrapping paper, ribbon, tissue paper, and stickers:

Updated descriptions and tags for 24 designs.

Changed featured collection on my home page from wallet iPhone 6/6s cases to iPhone 6/6s plus wood cases.

Culled my products a little more.

Started my monthly backups. Still a bit further to go. Have you backed up lately?

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06 October 2015

Home-grown Carrot Round-up

Over the past few months, I've been chowing down on three types of carrots grown from seeds: Mokum hybrid, Short & Sweet, and Little Finger.

I did not choose them as I never would've considered a carrot seed called "Little Finger" to be appetizing. And I would've been right. Little Finger is my least favorite of the three. I'll go further and say that I actually prefer grocery store baby carrots over these. Little Finger carrots lack a satisfying snap when you bite into them. And they aren't sweet.

Second place goes to Short & Sweet. I like them better than grocery store carrots, but they are weirdly shaped. Kind of like a turnip or a top, wedge shaped.

The Mokum hybrid carrots are in another league. Sweet, tasty, great snap. By far and away my favorite.

On a scale of 1 to 7, where higher numbers are better:
Mokum hybrid: 7
Short & Sweet: 4
Grocery store baby carrots: 3
Little Finger: 2
Do you have a particular carrot you love? Share it in the comments.

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04 October 2015

Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman, Vol. 1

Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman Vol. 170. Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman Vol. 1 by Gail Simone

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A diverse collection of stand-alone Wonder Woman stories by different writers and artists. Individually I'd rank a few stories as 4's, a couple 2's, and the rest 3's.

I'm less fond of the retro drawing and storytelling comics, but there's a wide variety of villains, locations, and allies in this collection with some I really liked, particularly at the beginning and end of the book.

Each story is self-contained which is a nice change of pace and a fun way to explore Wonder Woman's character.

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02 October 2015

Life of Art SitRep #295 Division

This week, I continued my Hudson River painter exploration and went to Thomas Cole's house, Cedar Grove. There I saw the rest of the River Crossings exhibit, Thomas Cole paintings and the grounds.

The house is less exciting than Olana which I saw last week, but I enjoyed the experience more because I went on a day you could self-tour the house and the staff was low-key and friendly. Also you could take pictures inside as long as you don't use flash. Naturally most of mine were dark and horrible, but I enjoyed snapping away nonetheless. Pro tip: shooting short videos can yield better exposure sometimes in low light if you're just looking for a record of the experience and not something to print.

Also went back to the lower Olana grounds (free if you're not touring the house), and explored a bit more. Shot 237 photographs and videos between both venues.

Updated 26 product's descriptions and tags.

Did some more selective culling of products.

Divided out Bold Bordered Diamonds from Diamond Patterns, a lengthy process of new folders, links, titles that will hopefully prove beneficial to search engines. More work to be done, as always, but a significant hurdle has been leaped (or achingly climbed over).

Updated LOA for end of month.

Updated links file for newly named diamond square designs.

How was your week?

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29 September 2015

Molkky Barrage

So I've been playing a Finnish lawn game called Molkky this summer. It's vaguely related to bowling in that there are pins (skittles) you try to knock over, but they are numbered and you stand them up where they've fallen. The initial setup gets spread out pretty quickly.

I'm not sure I'm getting any better at it, but it's fun.

Lately though, it's become more treacherous to play. Acorns have been raining down with surprising force and frequency. When they hit the deck or bench, it's with a loud thwack. Even when they hit the ground, they often bounce several feet.

I've taken to covering my head as best I can when I set pins back up. Luck's been with me so far though one did bounce right past me.

Are you having crazy amounts of acorns this year?

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28 September 2015


All of a sudden there were lots of excited greetings being exchanged. In my peripheral vision, I saw a girl seated on the inside of the booth across from us climb over a sibling next to her so she could greet her friend who'd just come into the restaurant.

They gave each other a big hug and then sat across from each other at the next table over, swapping details from the games they'd played today. The Mom who'd walked in with the second girl chatted a bit with the first's family and then sat down at another booth with her two younger daughters.

I glanced over and saw the girls were both wearing soccer jerseys. Different colors (and games based on the conversation), so different teams, but clearly they knew each other somehow.

8th or 9th graders maybe?

No rivalry, just the sharing of battle stories.

One described a hit she'd taken that slammed her down on her knee. Inwardly, I winced thinking of my own past knee injuries. "I don't know how it's going to be on varsity," she said.

The other girl's mom said, "I'm afraid for varsity," which made me laugh as I walked past because those girls sounded like they'd be ready when made it.

Enthusiastic, tough girls.

Did my heart good to see them.

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27 September 2015

Tonight's Noteworthy Sightings

Tonight's Sightings: gasoline for less than $2 per gallon, huzzah ($1.97 to be exact); 2 pygmy goats, 5 ponies; The Black, The Blonde, and The Brunette; a llama, sheep, and horse; a Super Moon Lunar Eclipse that made the full moon look a dark brownish red; Cassiopeia; and my breath backlit by the deck lights before they went out.

Go look at that moon! There won't be another super moon lunar eclipse until 2033.

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