25 September 2016

Voter Registration Deadlines Are Approaching!

Deadlines to register to vote are approaching! Remember if you've moved permanently or changed your name, you need to update your registration.

Joss Whedon created the SaveTheDay.vote site which has deadline info, the ability to register to vote, and a great PSA with loads of A-list actors.

If you are 17 now but will be 18 on or before November 8, 2016, check the Voter Registration Age Requirements by State. Many say "18 on or before next election," but in some cases, you can still register to vote before turning 18. Click your state's link for the most accurate info!

Here's the official government site for registering to vote: Vote.usa.gov

Get registered and vote, so your voice will be heard this November.

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23 September 2016

Life of Art SitRep #345 More iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus Cases

This week, I shot 84 photographs and 5 videos. Culled 80 photos and 1 video, also from earlier shoots.

Made an Abstract Blue Rays Watercolor Painting laptop sleeve:
Abstract Blue Rays Watercolor Design Laptop Sleeve
Abstract Blue Rays Watercolor Design Laptop Sleeve by RocklawnArts
Check out Template Laptop Sleeves online at zazzle

Continued revising iPhone 7, 7 Plus cases:
Snow-covered Trees: Vertical iPhone 7 Tough case
Snow-covered Trees: Vertical iPhone 7 Tough case by RocklawnArts
Find other Snow covered trees Casemate Cases at zazzle.com
Red and White Gingham Pattern iPhone 7 Tough case
Red and White Gingham Pattern iPhone 7 Tough case by RocklawnArts
View more Red and white gingham Casemate Cases at zazzle.com

Watched Working with video in Lightroom tutorial with Julianne Kost. For LR 4 but should still work, why didn't I watch this sooner?

Also, "Lightroom CC - Working with DSLR Video" with Julianne Kost –This was great! (Think she misspoke on the keyboard shortcuts for setting in/out points. Should be shift I and shift O.)

Caught up on some archive maintenance.

How was your week?

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22 September 2016

Note to Self, vol. XXIV

Forgo the layers next time.

But the curls get weighed down as my hair gets longer.

I know, but the random pieces that sometimes fall forward like bangs you don't want are surely a result of the layering.

You wanted something different. Even if it seems like your hair is only getting progressively shaggier as it gets closer to the idea of the cut you want, it is at least a change from the status quo.

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20 September 2016

Note to Self, vol. XXIII

Earl Grey Dark Chocolate by jelina chocolatier is extremely tasty! Also very good: Salted Almond Dark Chocolate by Theo and Orange Peel in Dark Chocolate by Chocolove.

The other chocolate treats I sampled were also tasty though I probably wouldn't get them again.

However, in future, do not nibble as much or as late because the sugar and no doubt caffeine will seriously fuck with your sleep.

Think I got 5 hours total, and not all at once.

It's about 22 hours later and I'm only now starting to come off that physical hum I associate with caffeine.

I guess "fair trade organic chocolate" is code for highly caffeinated.

On the upside, my newly low tolerance for sugar seems a good indicator I actually have kicked my sugar addiction. Even two years ago that would've seemed impossible.

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18 September 2016

Oh, Deer

I can't upload video directly to blogger? Whatev's, here you go, from my backyard.

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16 September 2016

Life of Art SitRep #344 Abstract Blue Rays and iPhone 7 Cases

Thursdays in September are becoming museum days. I am down with that serendipity. Soaking in the art.

Shot 49 photographs and some more I have yet to upload. Did some culling this week though, got rid of 63.

Started adding my new design, Abstract Blue Rays Watercolor Painting, to some items in my shop:
Abstract Blue Rays Painting Acrylic Print
Abstract Blue Rays Painting Acrylic Print by RocklawnArts
Browse more Home Acrylic Wall Arts at Zazzle

This is as far as I got though because the great case migration transferred all of my iPhone 6/6s and Plus Case-Mate cases to their iPhone 7 counterparts. I'm slowly working my way through them all, double-checking the design fit and descriptions. Here's a few to wet your whistle:
Red Gouache Crenellated Pattern iPhone 7 Plus Case
Red Gouache Crenellated Pattern iPhone 7 Plus Case by RocklawnArts
Check out Hand painted Casemate Cases online at zazzle

And a few clear cases by Uncommon:

Made a variety of small tweaks and changes to my store and collection organization.

Rocklawn Arts blogged New Red Green Gouache Scale Pattern. (Will appear next week.)

Watched Night Photography Tool Kit with Chris Nicholson and Astro Photography with Lance Keimig.

Read Popular Photography Aug. 2015 issue.

How was your week?

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15 September 2016

Sights from a day

A painting I loved: a still life in a diner. A red menu propped up by a bottle of ketchup and glass sugar pourer in front of it.


In effin' watercolor!

Just amazing to me.

At my favorite local pub for dinner. Stopped in their tiny single room restroom to wash up. There was a nice wall lamp beside the mirror.

A nice change from the brutal overhead lighting so common in public restrooms which always makes me think, Damn, I have a lot more grey in my hair than I'd thought.

The side light instead made my curls look particularly awesome with just one streak of grey that looked cool, my face half in light, half in shadow.

Then I noticed at the top of the mirror a small sticker that read: you are beautiful.

After dinner:
A fox hesitated then jogged across the road right in front of the car.

Perky ears, bushy tail.

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