15 August 2014

Life of Art SitRep #236 Purple!

It's been kind of a crazy week with not enough recovery time, but I still managed to get a few things done.

Created a Checkered Purple and White pattern and added it to my shop:
Checkered Purple and White Cards
Checkered Purple and White Cards by RocklawnArts
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Checkered Purple and White Stone Beverage Coaster
Checkered Purple and White Stone Beverage Coaster by RocklawnArts
Check out Purple Stone Coasters online at zazzle

Finished adding my designs as appropriate to Pieladium Speakers and Tyvek Wallets:

Rocklawn Arts blogged New Wallets by Claire Skinner at Rocklawn Arts! and New Pieladium Speakers at Rocklawn Arts!

How was your week?

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13 August 2014

Coot Club

Coot Club (Swallows and Amazons, #5)51. Coot Club by Arthur Ransome

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Though this is listed as the fifth book in the Swallows and Amazons series, be advised there aren't actually any Swallows or Amazons in it. The two new characters, Dick and Dorothea, introduced in the fourth book Winter Holiday are carried over to Coot Club where they have their own adventure on a river with a host of new characters.

The nautical jargon is easier to follow in this book so it could be a good starting point. There are a few references to characters and action from the previous book but nothing you'd overly miss if you hadn't read them.

I wasn't sure if I'd enjoy this one without the original set of characters but the new river scene and people populating it soon won me over.

I liked that the parents and adults were more present in this one. The kids still have a lot of freedom while the adults are more engaged and available if need be.

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09 August 2014

Twenty Years Ago

Mom was telling my Dad and I about an episode of Project Runway where the designers had to create something as though it were the fashion 20 years in the future.

She told us about some of the designs and thinking behind them and then said that the show had gotten photographs of all the designers from 20 years ago.

"Some of them were so young!" she exclaimed. "One guy was maybe 3 or 4."

"That doesn't surprise me," I said.

"Yeah, some of the designers are almost right out of school."

Then she described the photo of an older contestant, 36-40 now?, in short shorts with a big afro that made me think of the 1970s.

I caught myself though and said, "Twenty years ago is only 1994."

With disbelief my Dad said, "No, it's not."

"I bet you five dollars it is." I responded too quickly, with too much conviction, and too high a proposed bet to hope he would take it.

He thought for a moment, presumably doing the calculation in his head, and said, "Oh, I guess you're right."

I do understand the feeling though. 1994 does not seem that long ago.

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08 August 2014

Life of Art SitRep #235 Wallets and Speakers

Revised and added photograph Vintage Curved Colonnade to my shop:
Vintage Curved Colonnade
Vintage Curved Colonnade by RocklawnArts
Browse for another Galaxy S4 Pouch at Zazzle

Rocklawn Arts blogged Vintage Curved Colonnade photograph.

Created templates and started adding my images to new Pieladium Speakers and Tyvek Wallets:
Puffy Clouds On Blue Sky Speaker
Puffy Clouds On Blue Sky Speaker by RocklawnArts
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Blue Abstract Bluetooth Speaker
Blue Abstract Bluetooth Speaker by RocklawnArts
Look at other Blue Pieladium Speaker at zazzle.com

Updated LOA for end of month.

Updated links file.

Watched first half day of Creative Wow: Motion Blur and Freezing Photography with Jack Davis and all of Creative Wow: Night and Star Photography with Jack Davis.

Made monthly backups.

Have you backed up lately?

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06 August 2014

Digital Sleuthing

"Come here," Mom said, "Who is this actor?"

I scanned the tv and saw that she was watching an old episode of Law & Order. Mr. Big was watching Lenny question someone through the interrogation room glass.

"Wait a minute," she said. "I want to know who the victim is. ...I mean the suspect."


They were shooting most of the scene from the other side of the interrogation glass so it wasn't a good view. I waited patiently.

Finally there was a better shot though the actor kept his head down for most of the scene. He eventually looked up, but I didn't recognize him. He looked like a guy who had been on Charmed for a season or two, maybe when he was younger?, but that was mostly the hair.

"What's the character's name?" I asked.

"Oh, umm... Danny, I think. I know him from somewhere else."

My gears were clicking through ways to find out the episode name so I could find the actor on IMDb.

"The only guy I'm thinking of was on a show you didn't really watch. I'll try to look it up."

The WEtv logo was on the corner of the screen, so that was a starting point.

I considered and discarded a couple of approaches opting for one that seemed most promising. I googled "WE tv schedule." The page was slow loading, but I was rewarded with an episode title, "Promises to Keep."

I searched it on IMDb and discovered it's 21 years old. I found a Dan in the character list, clicked, and suddenly recognized Frederick Weller from In Plain Sight, a show both my Mom and I had watched.

I relayed the news.

Mom exclaimed, "Yes, that's it. Thank you!"

"What would we do without the internet?"

"I don't know."

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01 August 2014

Life of Art SitRep #234 Confounded

Well, I was going to finish out the week of under-the-weatheredness, thunderstorms, power outages and so forth strong, but my templates in my shop won't load so it's a bust. I'll take it as a sign to watch some more of Orange is the New Black season 1. No spoilers please!

So how did the week shake out?

Made a Meander Pattern Stone Magnet Set: Red, Blue, Green, Purple:

Redid the post processing of one of my photographs now that I know more and revised its description, tags, and title. Naturally I deleted my initial products right before discovering my templates aren't working. sigh.

Watched Water Photography with Jack Davis workshop on Creative LIVE. Makes me want to try shooting things but I need some gear first.

I hope your week went more smoothly.

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27 July 2014

JLA: A League of One

JLA: A League of One46. JLA: A League of One by Christopher Moeller

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Wonder Woman, the Justice League, and a dragon: who doesn't love an epic quest?

The painted art is really lovely, gives the images a grounded depth.

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