10 November 2018

In the Category of Odd

That feeling when you see your neighbors digging in their yard by the illumination of car headlights.

I'm going to assume if it were nefarious, they'd be digging in their back yard instead of the front.

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09 November 2018

Life of Art SitRep #456 Cool Yule, Resist Post-Its, Monogrammed Home Decor

Created a variety of labels, stickers, envelopes and liners, and wrapping supplies for a new Wishing You a Cool Yule Blue Holiday Suite collection:

Created Hello White Script Name Purple Linen Texture Photo iPhone XR Case:

Also created Wishing You a Cool Yule ribbons in mint green, red, burgundy, and green. You can switch to see the various colors on the product page in the sidebar under "Design Theme":

Created #Resist, Resist and Persist, and Resistance Starts Here light blue Post-it Notes. Great for staying motivated to keep in the fight:

Updated Rocklawn Arts store front.

Created Red White Buffalo Check Pattern Custom Monogram Throw Pillow, Bath Mat, and Bath Set:

Pinned to boards at Rocklawn Arts on Pinterest.

Made monthly backups.

Have you backed up lately?

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04 November 2018


My windows have been appallingly dirty for a while now, but it's been cold &/or pouring the last few weeks, so I felt resigned to it. Today, I rubbed at the inside and the semi-opaque film started to come off so I figured even just doing the insides would be an improvement.

Doing the insides did help but they were still pretty junky on the outside. Even though it's just in the 40s out, it's sunny today. Fuck it, I thought, I can strong-arm them open and juggle them as they're pulled forward without dropping them on my computer, right?

The first window I did I had to balance the lower pane on my chest as I did the top which worked OK. Then I moved to a harder to reach window and realized I needed more of the vinegar-water mix in the sprayer.

I should've known/kind of did know this before I even started, but I really didn't think I'd try to wash the outsides. I rotated my computer so I could set the bottom pane down while I got a refill.

The last window required shoving flat head screwdrivers down the sides to get the bottom panel to release forward. I was proud of myself for remembering that and being able to finagle one on each side without dropping either once it released.

The windows aren't perfectly clean and streak free but they are so, so much better. A much clearer view of outside which I managed to achieve without breaking anything, huzzah!

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03 November 2018

Use Your Power: VOTE!

The most important thing you can do to resist is vote for Democrats on Tuesday, November 6, 2018.

If voting didn't matter, the GOP wouldn't spend so much money and effort on campaigns, suppressing voters, fearmongering, and gerrymandering districts.

Neither party should draw those lines, but in the system we currently have who gets to next will be decided by which party is the majority in state legislatures in 2020. We get to decide which party will draw those lines this Tuesday.

Elections matter and this particular one matters a great deal.

So VOTE BLUE on Tuesday, November 6!

Find out where and when to vote and what's on your ballot.

You already voted? You are awesome!

Tell all your progressive/Democrat friends and family to vote.

Check out The Last Weekend and Swing Left for more ways to volunteer to get out the vote and transform our goverment in these last few days before the election.

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02 November 2018

Life of Art SitRep #455 iPhone Cases, Pillows, Wrapping Supplies

Created some new Hello Script and Your Name iPhone cases with different backgrounds. Each is available for other models. Click through to customize:

Also created some new monogram pillows:

Finishing out the new products, I also created some new stockings, wrapping paper, ribbon, and tissue paper in maroon and green variations:

Pinned to boards at Rocklawn Arts on Pinterest and created Great Gift Ideas board.

How was your week?

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01 November 2018

Puppy Reconnaissance

The neighbors across the street got a new puppy a couple of weeks ago. I'd see it frolicking in their yard, often with the 2 young kids who live there nearby. A girl and boy, maybe 8 and 5 respectively?

One day I saw the white puppy running around with a much larger blonde dog. Mama by for a visit? I wondered at first but then decided they were just buddies because they looked too dissimilar. The large dog looked like a labrador while the puppy had kind of a smushed face and didn't seem like he'd get very big.

More recently when I saw the puppy it was on a leash with either the dad or his daughter holding it.

Yesterday for the first time in a couple weeks, it wasn't raining or cold, so I headed out for a walk.

The parents were both leaf blowing towards the back of their yard, not that far away, which was loud and annoying. It'd been going on for quite a while so I thought/hoped, surely they'd be done soon. I was wrong. sigh.

The kids were in the front yard near the curb with the puppy. The daughter held the leash.

When I got to the street, the puppy saw me and pulled forward on the leash and then stopped like he wanted to see what I was about. The kids both looked at me.

Then I did a tremendously uncharacteristic thing: I walked across the street.

As I approached, the puppy kind of sat down which made me think they'd been training him. Otherwise, I looked like a giant to the dog and he was having second thoughts.

I crouched down in front of the puppy and held out my hand. He stood up and promptly starting licking my palm.

"What's your dog's name?" I asked the girl.


"That's a good name," I said and meant it.

With my free hand I patted Apollo on the head. His fur is short but pleasantly fuzzy.

I got up, crossed the street, and started my walk, my hand still wet but not overly slimed.

A good first meeting I'd say.

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31 October 2018

Happy Halloween!

Photographing this neon yellow spider probably felt spookier to me than it looks here, but Happy Halloween all the same!

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