16 March 2018

Life of Art SitRep #422 Getting Ready For Graduates

A busy week with some photography, a bit of Easter designing, and lots of new products for graduation.

Shot 89 photographs and uploaded 38 from last week.

Created a mockup for Hand Drawn Fancy Easter Eggs Adult Coloring invitation set. You can see the mockup on Pinterest.

Created Hand Drawn Easter Eggs Line Drawing, Easter Party Paper Plates and Hand Drawn Easter Eggs, Happy Easter Brunch Party Paper Napkins:

Created a variety of graduation invitations, party supplies, thank you cards, t-shirts, guest books, and gifts:

Created Black and White Gingham Pattern with Monogram Thermal Tumbler, Light Blue and White Chevron Stripes with Monogram Thermal Tumbler:

Pinned to boards for Rocklawn Arts on Pinterest.

Changed store banner to Easter egg drawings for now.

How was your week?

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09 March 2018

Life of Art SitRep #421 Graduation Invitations and Learning

Finishing out a snow-buried week, I shot some photographs of winter snow covered trees that I've yet to upload.

Created a variety of Graduation Invitations which you can customize with your event details for any type of graduate (high school, college, graduate school, law school, med school, trade school). Some also have a photograph you can replace with your own:

Created Hand Drawn Fancy Easter Eggs Adult Coloring Candy Tins (fill with Jelly Belly flavor of your choice, mints, or nothing) and Favor Bags:

Rocklawn Arts blogged The Easter Bunny is Coming: Are you ready? and created a mock up image for it that I'm proud of.

Pinned to several boards at Rocklawn Arts on Pinterest and added a showcase of boards to my main page.

Made Hand Drawn Fancy Easter Eggs Adult Coloring collection the featured one on home page.

Created some new category images for new designs in my store and added them.

Finished revising tags and titles for Fabrics and Resistance Starts Here.

Researched a variety of trends.

Read several articles about tagging and optimizing Pinterest.

Did end of month backups. Have you backed up lately?

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02 March 2018

Life of Art SitRep #420 Hand Drawn Fancy Easter Eggs Adult Coloring

Started the week shooting 5 photographs of snow covered trees. Culled 1, rated the rest. Also culled 9 videos and 16 photos from the previous week and rated the remaining images of those.

Applied my Photoshop knowledge to some images and text to create elements to use on various designs.

Created a collection of Hand Drawn Fancy Easter Eggs Adult Coloring products including a coordinating invitation set, tote bags, fabric, mugs, cards, edible treats, stickers, a chocolate box, and coloring pages paper pads:

Check out the rest of the Hand Drawn Easter Eggs Invitation Set and Gifts.

Created a Black and White Gingham Pattern with Custom Monogram Throw Pillow:

Created a Trendy Violet Graduate Photo Graduation Invitation:

Click any item above to get more information and buy it.

Pinned to some boards at Rocklawn Arts on Pinterest and created an Easter Celebration board.

Rocklawn Arts blogged Popular Protest Gear: Join the Resistance, New Vintage Easter Bunny Illustration Reproduction, Black Panther Movie Posters Collection, New Black and White Gingham Plaid Wrapping Supplies Collection, New Hand Drawn Fancy Easter Eggs Adult Coloring design. The latter posts are coming up within the next week on the Rocklawn Arts blog.

How was your week?

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23 February 2018

Life of Art SitRep #419 Gun Control Now and Vintage Easter

An odd post title, I know. As I work on adding new designs for the holidays ahead, I paused to work on some activism as well. It's been a busy week.

Gun violence has been on my mind quite a bit recently, so I created a Gun Control Now design to help people show Republicans that we want gun law reform and are tired of waiting.

In preparation for Easter, I created Vintage Easter Bunny Illustration stamp, card, favor bag, tote bag, invitation, mug, chocolate box, jumbo shortbread cookie, and address labels:

Created Irish Lass leggings:

Added Colorful Easter Eggs in Grass Photo to chocolate box, stamps, postcard, card, and return address labels:

Added Easter Egg Hunt Basket Photo to postcard and chocolate box:

Combined the colorful Easter Egg photo designs into one coordinated Colorful Easter Invitations, Postage, Chocolates collection:

Created St. Patrick's Day Green Shamrock paper coasters, stickers, leggings:

Created 3 additional collections: Irish Lass St. Patrick's Day Shamrock collection, Black and White Gingham Plaid Wrapping Supplies, Black Panther Movie Posters:

Click any product above to learn more about it and buy it.

Rocklawn Arts blogged New Happy St. Patrick's Day Collection at Rocklawn Arts; New Gun Control Now collection at Rocklawn Arts; New Are You Wearing Green? Shamrock design at Rocklawn Arts; New Irish Lass, Green Shamrock design at Rocklawn Arts; New Irish Lad, Green Shamrock design; New St. Patrick's Day Green Shamrock design; New Colorful Easter Invitations, Postage, Chocolates Collection. (The unlinked posts are upcoming within the next week.)

Shot 49 photographs, 23 videos. Culled 16 photos, 2 videos. Still need to do a pass on my second shoot and to rate what remains.

How was your week?

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19 February 2018

An Olympic Conversation

Mom: I really want to watch more of the tobogganing.

Me: Bobsled?

Mom: Yes, dammit, I keep doing that.

Me: Yeah, I really don't think they have tobogganing. But if you see it, let me know, because that would be awesome!

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18 February 2018

You'll Never Guess

At dinner with my parents my dad said with enthusiasm, "You'll never guess what I found and bought at the grocery store!"

"Ooh, don't tell me. I want to guess," I said.

"I get second guess," Mom said.

"OK, I won't tell you then."

I already had something in mind but I considered the options for a minute. What would Dad think would be impossible to guess? I came up with a second option. Which to choose? I went for the second one which hadn't been at the store for longer. We hadn't seen it for at least 10 months, probably longer.

"Ambrosia," I declared.

Dad looked at me blankly.

"Apple," Mom said by way of clarification.

I couldn't tell if I was right or not from his lack of expression.

"I got three," he said.

"Wait, I was right? They had Ambrosia apples and you got some?" I asked. (They are my favorite.)


I raised my arms overhead in victory. "Nailed it down to the specific type!" I said with a grin.

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17 February 2018

How to Eat

How to Eat (Mindfulness Essentials, #2)5. How to Eat by Thich Nhat Hanh

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Another slim volume in The Mindfulness Essentials series by Thich Nhat Hanh. I'd recommend this one to anyone who has issues with food (stress eating, over-eating, mindless snacking while watching TV...) to help reframe your relationship with food.

Really this one could apply to any action as a way to focus your attention on the task at hand, to be in the moment while doing it rather than planning ahead or worrying or rethinking past mistakes.

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