18 October 2014

Nature's Javelin

Krack! K-thunk!

I turned with a start to look out the window in the direction the crash seemed to have come from.

Something falling over in the shed? Maybe a branch falling? Seemed too loud for that.

I walked over to the window for a better look and spotted a 3 and a half foot long, 3 inch diameter branch embedded in the ground, standing slightly off from vertical.

It probably could've killed someone.

I'm grateful no one was in the yard when it fell.

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17 October 2014

Life of Art SitRep #245 Roam where you want to

There were surprise goats this week when I was out on a meander, huzzah!

Shot 173 photographs and did some useful experiments.

Surveyed my archive picks from last week and post processed my next photograph, Snow Falling. I've got another section of products to add to my shop, so I'll show it to you next week. It'll show up in my Winter Photos category if you want to see it sooner.

Added customizable monograms to some of my Geometric Christmas Wreath items:

Updated links and LOA files.

Rocklawn Arts blogged New Disco Ball Ornaments photograph.

Watched Creative Wow: Macro Photography with Jack Davis and first section of Creative Wow: Aerial and Copter Photography with Jack Davis.

Finished reading Popular Photography Sept. 2014 issue.

How was your week?

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10 October 2014

Life of Art SitRep #244 Into the Archive!

This week I was reminded of the importance of culling and rating your photographs after you take them. When you do, your best photos become much easier to find. I really need to go back and do that for my earlier digital photos when I didn't have a methodology in place. I deleted some but for this week, I focused on scanning through 4 years, pulling out possibilities for Rocklawn Arts.

I picked one, post processed it, and added it to my shop. Tiny disco balls, anyone? With a bit of luck, they should appear online in a day or so.

Well, hot damn, some of my new Disco Ball Ornaments products are already showing up in my back end. I don't have a link to the category with them all yet, but I'll share a few here with you first. :)

ETA: here's the Disco Ball Ornaments category link.
Disco Ball Ornaments Card
Disco Ball Ornaments Card by RocklawnArts
View other Mirrors Cards at Zazzle.com
Disco Ball Ornaments Wine Gift Box
Disco Ball Ornaments Wine Gift Box by RocklawnArts
Browse more Mirrors Wine Gift Box at Zazzle
Disco Ball Ornaments Tough iPhone 6 Plus Case
Disco Ball Ornaments Tough iPhone 6 Plus Case by RocklawnArts
Shop for Mirrors Casemate Cases online at Zazzle.com

Also shot 24 photographs. Ditched 9 so I'm getting more ruthless with culling, but I haven't been as good about rating them this year.

Made a couple more 2015 Calendar Magnets:

Rocklawn Arts blogged New 2015 Calendar Posters!

Made monthly backups.

What are you working on now?

(When I provide links to my store or products on Zazzle, I use affiliate links to earn more so that I can continue creating photographs and designs. The links do not change the items' cost to you in any way.)

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06 October 2014

Japanese Painted Ferns

When's the last time I just posted a photograph? I don't remember either though I suppose it'd be easy enough to find looking at my tagged posts. In any case, here are some Japanese Painted Ferns for your enjoyment. Below them, I'm not sure... possibly Hay-scented Ferns.

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03 October 2014

Life of Art SitRep #243 Momentarily Caught Up

The notion of being caught up is relative, I suppose. There's always something you could be working on. I try to fill my reprieves with learning and improvement. And photography!

This week, I shot 140 photographs capturing a bit of autumn. Wrong time of day really but scouted some locations, thought of things to bring to do better in future and had a good time.

Finished adding selected photographs to new iPhone 6 Plus Cases:

Made 2015 Black & White Photography Calendar long and standard formats:

Made Construction Crane 2015 Calendar Magnet:
Construction Crane 2015 Calendar Magnet
Construction Crane 2015 Calendar Magnet by RocklawnArts
View Black and white photo Magnets online at zazzle

Rocklawn Arts blogged New iPhone 6 Plus Cases at Rocklawn Arts!

Zazzle changed my ProSellers status to ProDesigners which is a distinction I appreciate.

Watched segment 2 of Real Estate and Architectural Photography with Mike Kelley. He walked through how he shot a particular image of a huge theater. Oh, the compositing, light painting and Photoshop involved.

Listened to Positioning Call by Tara Gentile.

Finished reading Popular Photography August 2014 issue.

How was your week?

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02 October 2014

Random Act

After dinner out with my parents, my dad drove into a small parking lot with a few stores to turn around. Remembering the ATM on its corner, he said, "I can get money," and then asked my mom, "How much do you want?"

She answered and in jest, I said, "I'll take twenty."

I wondered for a brief moment if he'd indulge me but remembered I can rarely get him to stake a whole dollar for a bet.

He got out and Mom and I chatted while we waited.

After a few minutes, Dad got back into the car and handed Mom some bills. Then he pulled out his wallet to put his money away. I was about to tease him that he'd forgotten my money when Mom reached back to me with a twenty in hand.

"Oh," I said, "You don't have to do that."

Mom said, "I think sometimes you should be able to make an idle wish and have it come true."

Love you, Mama.

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29 September 2014

The Mockingbird Next Door: Life with Harper Lee

The Mockingbird Next Door: Life with Harper Lee63. The Mockingbird Next Door: Life with Harper Lee by Marja Mills

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Strangely enough this book came out not long after I'd been wondering about Harper Lee, if she'd written other books and if not, why not.

This book gives a look at the reclusive author and her sister and what their lives were like. Or not. Harper Lee has since disavowed collaborating in any way with this book while her sister still says they did. For what it's worth, it feels legit to me.

Either way, it's a compelling look at small town life in the South. Outings which are drives through the country through small communities like Scratch Ankle. The rhythm and pace of life with elderly friends. I appreciate their love of books and language.

It's also a look at the cost of fame. I'm not sure how I would've coped in Lee's situation, winning a Pulitzer for a first novel then made into a very successful movie. To have a singular success followed by decades of people touring your home town hoping for a glimpse or word with you? Or people asking anyone in town about you? Hmm.

Her sister, Alice, is just as fascinating, a lawyer who was still practicing in her 90s.

Quite enjoyable!

Made me miss my grandparents, Southern as it happens. Talk to the old folks in your life while you have the chance!

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