20 October 2007

Misunderstood once

The phone connection was horrible: loud crackling static interspersed with complete dropouts. I was just asking to be sent information, so when I thought I heard him mispronounce my middle initial, I didn't bother correcting him. Oh, how I wish I had now.

When I called to actually switch my insurance plan, I made sure my name was listed correctly. Naturally, the card I received in the mail was incorrect. I called and got a new one. Then I received my first bill: same wrong initial. Called again and fixed it.

Now, months later I might add, I finally got the hefty stack of paperwork that says what my plan actually covers. Still the same damn wrong initial.

What irks me most is that I had a plan with the same company before. All they needed to do was call up my info, change the plan and nothing else.

Now because of that horrendous phone connection, I have to frakking call them AGAIN (though it will have to wait until Monday). It should be easier than this.

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  1. My sister's phone bill used to always come addressed to Catherine Patherine. Needless to say, her last name is not Patherine.

  2. You'd think they'd be more invested in getting billing names correct, y'know?