20 October 2006

Downs and Ups

Well, I gave audioblogger another shot this afternoon, but it seems to have blown it again. Grr.

It's fairly miserable out today, strong winds and rain varying from sprinkles to downpours. Nonetheless, there were errands to run so out I went. As a perk for venturing out, I thought I'd check out the new Dick's Sporting Goods store that just opened. I pulled into the turn lane, waited for the arrow to become green, and then stared down the idiot whose car was in the right-hand lane facing me. A pickup was next to him in the proper lane, so there was no way to get around the jerk. The entrance to the lot was clearly marked with a double yellow line to separate in from out. The moron finally got the idea and started to inch his car towards the correct lane, but there really wasn't anywhere he could go with the pickup truck there, so I flipped him off and drove up to the next light to do a U-turn.

I'm tempted to say that I gave him the finger before he tried inching out of the wrong lane to seem less rude, but I'm not convinced it happened in that order. The two events occurred almost simultaneously, so it's hard to say.

On the upside, Dick's was very cool. Usually chain stores in this area are what my mom would call "third tier," or smaller with less selection. Dick's was a pleasant surprise being as large as any I've ever seen, possibly larger, and with a wide variety and selection of most everything they carried. I could live without all the hunting gear, but after watching the Green Arrow in action on Smallville last night, the bow selection did have more appeal than usual.

Still, it's not like I'll be buying anything there any time soon unless I win their grand opening $1000 shopping spree or the lottery. That'd be sweet even if deciding what to get would be challenging. As fond as I am of the Total Gym infomercials, I think one of the Bowflex machines would suit my affinity for leg extensions and prone leg curls better. The big machines seem sturdier too, although the size would be problematic. Join a gym, you say? I'm just not a gym person. I'd much rather work out at home.

When I got back to my car, the windows were all fogged on the inside. Since I bought my car in CA, it doesn't have a rear defrost, so I let the front defroster/air combo run for a bit. A message on my cell informed me that mom had forgotten to pick up lottery tickets and asked me to pick some up if I felt like it. The windshields were clearing up, but the rain was still beating down and shifting violently in the wind.

You can't win if you don't play.

I stopped at a mini-mart on the way home and filled out a card with the usual numbers. The woman at the register had helped me on other various occasions, but this time she asked me for ID. I laughed, slid out my license from my wallet and handed it to her.

Upon examining my birthdate, she uttered, "Oh, you're not that young."

"No," I affirmed, shaking my head.

"Good for you!" she proclaimed.

I smiled and said, "Thanks."

Now if they'd just draw my numbers tonight...

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