13 October 2007

Knuckle burn

I was just carrying a laundry basket width-wise in front of me as I walked down a just-wide-enough hallway. I stopped paying attention for a moment or the weather reached in and messed with my equilibrium because before I could fix my trajectory, my knuckles were dragging across textured wallpaper, pulling the skin back. Knuckle burn.

"Ow. Fuck, man."

Or maybe more accurately wallpaper burn. Either way, now I have a red spot on the skin between my first two knuckles. Damn. I'm going to run some more cool water over it.

On an unrelated note, I totally dig Pushing Daisies. No doubt this means the show is doomed, but I'm staying optimistic. Don't screw this up, ABC.

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  1. The acrobatic hanging out the window with mirror to spy on Ned totally made me laugh. Good stuff!