13 October 2006

Free mammograms

For the month of October, clicks at The Breast Cancer Site will be doubled.

Here's the deal:
Your click on the "Fund Free Mammograms" button helps fund free mammograms, paid for by site sponsors whose ads appear after you click and provided to women in need through the efforts of the National Breast Cancer Foundation to low-income, inner-city and minority women, whose awareness of breast cancer and opportunity for help is often limited.
Your click is free and does not require any obligation or registration from you. The site is set up so that you can only click once a day (or once per IP address). During October, the sponsors will treat each single click as if it is two clicks increasing the amount they will donate. You can, of course, visit the site and click once a day year-round. (Snopes.com says the site is legit.)

Here's some additional information from The Breast Cancer Site:

Each year, 182,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer and 43,300 die. One woman in eight either has or will develop breast cancer in her lifetime. In addition, 1,600 men will be diagnosed with breast cancer and 400 will die this year.

If detected early, the five-year survival rate exceeds 95%. Mammograms are among the best early detection methods, yet 13 million U.S. women 40 years of age or older have never had a mammogram.

The National Cancer Institute and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recommend that women in their forties and older have mammograms every one to two years. A complete early detection plan also includes regular clinical breast examinations by a trained medical professional. Monthly breast self-exams are suggested in addition.
Visit the sidebar links at The Breast Cancer Site for more information.

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  1. I'll go over and click.. A friend just discovered a tumour and has started chemotherapy, she's 35..

    - But I still can't quite get used to your pink blog, I must admit..

  2. Ah yes, pink is about as anti-Claire as a color can get, but it's got me thinking about a spruce-up for Nov.1 that I think will be pretty cool.

    Your pink patience is appreciated.

  3. I even bought a bow (?) today, don't know if I can wear something pink, though..

  4. Good for you (even if you don't wear it). I hope your friend comes through her treatment all right.