19 July 2007

When a canvas presents itself, 2

(The making of can be seen here.)

moon and starsstars

Each star is actually the Egyptian hieroglyph for star. Together they comprise the following constellations: Orion, Ursas Minor and Major, and Cassiopeia. (Although each constellation is accurate within itself, they are not necessarily oriented correctly in relation to each other, and there are "extra" stars for the sake of balance in composition.)

The chalk claims to glow in the dark, but I think there was too long a gap between having direct sun and darkness for it to really work. This is a dusk shot.

tiger glow
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  1. This was a very cool project! How did it come to your mind to do this very fun thing?

  2. Well, first we got the driveway sealed which made it an even matte black. Then I saw a pack of glow-in-the-dark chalk at a dollar store.

    Since it'd been raining everyday for quite a while, what I was going to draw evolved from various patterns and symbols into a mural. Looking at the blank driveway from its base, I noticed the pachysandra would make a good tree top, so I revised my mural idea from there. Being a black canvas, I decided it should be night... Lots of mental revisions basically.