26 July 2007

Je souhaite

Aside from the coffee,
I'd… wish that I'd never heard the word wish before. I'd wish that I could live my life moment by moment, … enjoying it for what it is instead of… instead of worrying about what it isn't. I'd sit down somewhere with a great cup of coffee and I'd watch the world go by. But then again, I'm not you so I doubt that's your wish. -Jenn, "Je Souhaite," The X files: season 7, episode 21
But then again... lately, I'm thinking I would wish for perfect health. Genies being the notorious tricksters that they are supposed to be has me considering just what "perfect health" means to me. No more sinus troubles, allergies, strained knees or shoulders. Not another cold ever. No stomach flus, food poisoning, depression. No viruses, diseases, mutations my body has yet to encounter or latent within. No acne, no moles or bumps that could be precursors to skin cancer (or hell, that I find distasteful).

Basically, impervious to all illnesses and injuries, free of flaws. But if that were so, would it make me immortal? No one dies of old age anymore, at least not in the US. I don't really want to live forever. Would I cease to age forced into a nomadic life like Duncan MacLeod? Would my genetics have to be altered to make perfect health possible and if so, how much like myself would I remain? I'm not looking to be indestructible; though it's tempting, I would feel burdened to use my powers for the greater good. Also, I wouldn't want to end up trapped in some lab while scientists fruitlessly study my perfect health. I reckon I want health perks without additional responsibilities.

And then, there are the flaws I kind of like: assorted freckles and my L scar. How would it be possible to phrase the wish to get what I actually want? Is it a vain and self-centered wish? Sure. The really grand wishes never seem to go over well in stories. If you assume three wishes, wish 1 surely ought to be something that would ensure the genie doesn't misinterpret your next wishes for kicks. Just a thought.

What would you wish for?

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  1. Have you ever considered getting a C and an AIRE tattooed around your L scar?

  2. I've always hated wearing name tags, so I'd have to say no, I hadn't considered that. There's additional catches even if I did want to do it:

    1. Though I think of it as my L scar, to everyone else it appears reversed.

    2. After, good grief, almost 3 decades, it's pretty damn subtle and I wouldn't want people all up in my grille trying to figure it out/see it when I explained the L was not actually missing.

    3. yeah, really not going to tattoo my name on my face.

    4. At least one letter (depending on whether reversed or not) would have to go under my eye which sounds really frakking painful.

    5. Why am I so thoroughly/seriously responding to your query? Can't help it. So tempted to delete most of this overly considered response now.

    In for a pound though... I had way back in the day thought of lining the scar with a tattoo (just making it a black L really) for no good reason particularly. Now, I'd be more likely to put a little 90 degrees inside of it (or the little counter angle to indicate same) since it's a surprisingly precise looking angle.

  3. Hmm, yeah, the face thing would be a problem if you're not either a hardcore punk or an Iban tribesman.