18 July 2007

When a canvas presents itself...

(run time 0:26)
A freshly sealed driveway was just too good to pass up.

chalk art
My photo-merging is not as clean as I'd hoped, but this should give you the gist. Closeups likely to come later --> here

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  1. Just remember to use the same shutter and aperture for each component of a shot that you are going to merge. Otherwise, there will be differences and the merge will look bad.

    But of course you knew that.

  2. Sizz: Absolutely!

    Dan: True enough. I was thinking even more basic than that since I was using borrowed point & shoots (1 dig, 1 film). My dig shot is more straight on on the right than the left and in the course of moving the ladder, I'm sure I changed lens lengths. The film shots may be better, but I haven't processed them yet. I'll keep your tips in mind for next time though. Thanks!